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Saturday, February 17, 2018 • Virginia Tech, Virginia USA

Conference Schedule

The generic conference schedule is available below (PDF format). An interactive conference schedule, including session titles, abstracts, authors, and descriptions, will be posted shortly following the notification of acceptace to presenters ().

Concurrent sessions will be held in the Duckpond, Smithfield, Solitude, and Cascades A/B rooms (see room map).

8:15-8:30 Welcome, Opening Remarks, Keynote Introduction

8:30-9:30 Opening Keynote Address

9:30-9:50 Break

9:50-10:40 Session 1.1 Session 1.2 Session 1.3 Session 1.4

10:40-11:00 Break

11:00-11:50 Session 2.1 Session 2.2 Session 2.3 Session 2.4

11:50-1:00 Lunch & Mobile Poster Session

1:00-1:50 Session 3.1 Session 3.2 Session 3.3 Session 3.4

1:50-2:10 Break

2:10-3:00 Session 4.1 Session 4.2 Session 4.3 Session 4.4

3:00-3:20 Break

3:20-4:10 Session 5.1 Session 5.2 Session 5.3 Session 5.4

4:10-4:30 Break

4:30-5:15 Closing Keynote Address

Closing Remarks

5:30-6:30 Conference Reception

The conference starts February 17, 2018

Presenter Utilities

Take control of your presentation! A set of utilities has been created to provide you with the ability to modify, control, and share your presentation, including:

Practice, Research, & Conversation Sessions:
• Adding/editing/deleting your proposal information
• Uploading your presentation files (.ppt, .key, .pez)
• Uploading additional resources (handouts, articles).

Poster Presentation:
• Uploading your poster file to be printed
• Uploading additional resources (handouts, articles)

We encourage you to upload your presentation file(s) and additional resources prior to the conference (if possible) so that those in attendance can come to your session prepared in advance.

Directions: Enter your email address and Presenter Utility password, then click on "Continue."

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